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The visible creation of scaffolded structures is a repeated theme in my work. I see a direct allegorical relationship between the sculptural scenarios I create and the social, biological and psychological processes that are the invisible scaffolding supporting the human body, society and mind. Social structures have the potential to both support exploration and expansion and perpetuate unjust social situations, like inequality. One of my goals as an artist is to make mental, biological and social scaffolds corporal. I invite the viewer to consider the structures that support their own bodies, outlook and social context.


My current artwork, investigates the microbiome, the wonderful and terrifyingly elusive world thriving inside and outside us. Our gut flora and fauna outnumber us, predate us, and can have a large impact on our functioning. Over the past decade, new research has emerged shedding light on the influence of bacteria on our health, mood, behavior and feelings. 

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